Constitutional litigation and devolution practice

  • The firm successfully got the orders restraining the County Assembly of Embu from impeaching the governor in Andrew Ireri Njeru & 34 others v County Assembly of Embu & 3 others [2014] eKLR, when the governor of Embu County was facing the impeachment motions both at the County assembly and at the Senate.  The firm is too representing the Governor of Kiambu on the impeachment motion that was success passed at both the County Assembly of Kiambu and the Senate.


  • The firm has been retained by Latia Solutions Limited, a company limited by guarantee that engages in the business of Farm Management for the purpose of developing the company’s agreements and all forms of legal instruments. The firm was also involved by the Embu County Government to oversee the alienation, demarcation, allocation and allotment of the expansive 54, 000 acres of land known as Mwea settlement scheme in Embu county to its residents.